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Cecil Lawrence was lost in thought the day he met Mark Vogel.  Being lost in thought and not watching where he was going was part of the equation that allowed for the chance meeting between the two men.  For his part Mark was driving across Dallas and turning right when Cecil happened to step out in front of his car.  The next time the two men met was a few hours later on the sixth floor of the Parkland Hospital where Mr. Lawrence had been taken and where Mark had gone, after dealing with the police, to check up on how the older man was.  It was the first of a number of visit over the next few days that began a deep and meaningful friendship between the two.

Cecil was a man retired and living alone waiting out the end of his day.  He gladly welcomed the friendship and company of the younger man.  Mark was a man living alone in the middle of a crowd waiting his turn for the end of a dying marriage and a job at a company where he was once a part owner and now was simply owned by it and the rest of the ever impersonal corporate world.  Cecil Lawrence was Mark’s only near by friend in a world that kept losing people Mark felt he could trust.  Unfortunately it was destined to be a shortlived bond for both men though.

A year after meeting and a few days after his friend’s death Mark received a phone call from a Dallas law office handling Cecil’s affairs and informing Mark he was the sole heir to Cecil's estate.  The lawyer then invited Mark to his offices the next day.   Grief gave way the following day to curiosity and concern as Mark was faced with more than just the normal last will and testament in the form of a safety deposit box key and instructions how to gain access to the box in a bank vault in the Bahamas.

A week later, obeying Cecil’s demand for complete secrecy Mark arrived at the Commonwealth Intercontinental Bank in Nashua without anyone really knowing he was there.  It was there in Nashua, sitting in the safety deposit vault room, Mark read a long letter from his friend and a handful of old news paper clippings, that  Mark Vogel discovered Cecil Lawrence was not what he claim to be when they first met a year earlier.  In fact he was not really even Cecil Lawrence.  At the end of his reading Mark found, in addition to inheriting  the proceeds of this man’s life from his time in Dallas, that same man was leaving him a lot more from a life that had been erased, forgotten, and even buried……..

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