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I really enjoyed reading Purely By Accident.  More than once, I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen next, and I was delighted to be wrong most of the time.  I was engaged by each character and cared what happened to each of them. The characters are interesting, and the story is captivating.  I thought the author wrapped it up nicely, AND I would like to read more stories about those people (hint, hint). 

K. Myers

Colorado Springs, CO

March 2018

I didn't even know the boy could read much less write a whole book.   Without any pictures even, imagine that.  I would say it's an ok book for a human.   Personally I think it needs more cats and a lot more naps, but it'll keep you from falling asleep in the litter box.

Aunt Agnus (the cat)

Houston, TX 

August 2017