I really enjoyed reading Purely By Accident.  More than once, I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen next, and I was delighted to be wrong most of the time.  I was engaged by each character and cared what happened to each of them. The characters are interesting, and the story is captivating.  I thought the author wrapped it up nicely, AND I would like to read more stories about those people (hint, hint). 

K. Myers

Colorado Springs, CO

March 2018

I loved this book!
Purely By Accident captured my attention from the first chapter and I devoured it in two days.  The story is intriguing and the twist and turns kept me turning page after page, watching for the next surprise.  The characters are well developed and (some) quite likable.  The technical parts are simply explained without confusing the reader and the story moves at a brisk pace.  Jim Beegle has written a smart, exciting story with mystery and suspense told through characters so realistic that you almost expect to see them at the corner deli.  An excellent freshman entry for a writer with a heart for storytelling and a head for intrigue

B. Andrews

Dothan, AL

June 2018

Great book! A page-turner that left me wanting more. Anxiously awaiting his next book.  Move over Patterson, Baldacci, and Sandford and make room on the shelf.

P. Skowronski

Worcester, MA

April 2018

I didn't even know the boy could read much less write a whole book.   Without any pictures even, imagine that.  I would say it's an ok book for a human.   Personally, I think it needs more cats and a lot more naps, but it'll keep you from falling asleep in the litter box.

Aunt Agnus (the cat)

Houston, TX 

August 2017

Gripping suspense smooth delivery. It seems the Author has walked the walk and lived in the shoes of the protagonist.
I highly recommend this book to lovers of suspense and plots that make you wonder “how in the world will he get out of this mess”.

J. Adams

San Antonio, TX

May 2018

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I was captivated by this book from beginning to end had to read it in two sittings. Interesting how it unfolds from the initial outlay to the plot. Kept wondering what is going to happen next. Full of colorful people, many twists and turns a very good suspense story.

E. Coleman

Chester Cheshire, England

​United Kingdom

May 2018

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